Cooking Life:Chef Restaurant

Hey!⭐⭐⭐ Want to become a cooking star? Want to script your own path to becoming a kitchen god? Ready to experience the thrilling combo cooking? Try this 2023 cooking game! Cooking Life, the game that offers multiple restaurants, hundreds of levels, all free with no in-app purchases required. From delicious breakfasts to sizzling hamburgers, from desserts and cakes to premium steaks, each restaurant has unique gameplay and new culinary delights! ✨ Tap, tap, tap and embrace the joy of the game! ✨ Infinite combos! Exciting and satisfying gameplay with stunning special effects! ✨ Cute elves and dazzling previews! Your goals: - Simulate being a chef! Serve more customers and offer a variety of dishes.😆😆😆 - Keep customer satisfaction high, earn positive reviews, and gain more fans.💖💖💖 - Earn more coins, upgrade your own restaurant.🎁🎁🎁 - Unlock new restaurants! Make them your collection.🏬🏬🏬 Your strategies: - Effectively manage time and serving orders during peak hours.🍕 - Continuously serve dishes, achieve infinite combos, and earn extra coin rewards.💪 - Upgrade utensils for faster and higher food production.🍳 - Upgrade ingredients to generate more coins.🍕 - Utilize various props to assist in completing level objectives.🎉 - Obtain more rewards, complete more tasks, and feel the joy.🎁 Never played this type of game before? Don't worry,😆😆😆Cooking Life is easy to play. Just click to cook and serve the corresponding dishes to customers - two simple steps to enjoy the game! After downloading the game resources for the first time, it supports offline mode, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere. Become a food blogger and cook to your heart's content for your fans!


Optimization for smartphones

Our app is perfectly optimized for your devices. This ensures smooth and responsive functionality!

Camera operation

The app works perfectly with your smartphone camera to implement augmented reality features!

Pleasant Surprises

Various promotions and gifts await you inside the app. This will be a pleasant surprise for you!


The app data and your settings are always available from the cloud, allowing you to always and everywhere.

New approach to design

The design of the application was developed according to modern standards. New technologies and modern tools have been used to realize the naturalness and realism of visual objects.


Contact Information

  • Country:  Switzerland
  • Street: Via Luzzas 44
  • City: Fischenthal
  • Phone Number:  +41  052 819 35 88
  • Email:
  • Last update: 17.07.2023

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